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A series of online videos for teens were shared across Fanta’s social channels. Our campaign featured popular YouTube vloggers, Caspar Lee and Gabriella to show us their Halloween party hacks and spooky make up tutorials.


Fanta – Help Ken Live Again

Fanta – Help Ken Live Again

Wicked witches, bats and cats, trick or treat; it’s the same every Halloween. Teens have lost interest, so we needed something different to engage them.

So we introduce you to Ken – our loveable zombie who just wants to have fun and needed the help of Fanta and teens to bring him back to life. 

ZOMBIE Halloween Tutorial | velvetgh0st ♡

ZOMBIE Halloween Tutorial | velvetgh0st ♡

We teamed up with beauty vlogger Gabriella who posts make up tutorials on her YouTube channel.

In this video, Ken pops round to give Gabriella a helping hand while she shows how to get a spooky zombie look. 

We asked viewers to #HelpKen and show us their own Halloween make up looks and we had a scarily good response.